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Hard n' Heavy 80's (2012)

Hard n' Heavy 80's (2012)
Hard n' Heavy 80's (2012)

Исполнитель: VA
Альбом: Hard n' Heavy 80's
Дата выхода: 2012
Жанр: Hard Rock, Heavy, Hair, Glam Metal
Количество треков: 109
Время звучания: 07:30:00
Формат | Качество: mp3 | 224 Kbps
Размер: 704.52 Mb

002-Danger Danger-Boys Will Be Boys
003-Fair Warning-Burning heart
004-Gary Moore-After the War
005-Guns N'Roses-Back Off Bitch
006-Jettblack-Prison of love
007-Scorpions-Big City Nights
008-Skid Row-Beggar's day
009-Steel Dragon-Blood Pollution
010-Swedish Erotica-King of pain
011-Tuff-All new generation
012-Warrant-Cherry Pie
013-Whitesnake-Here I Go Again
014-Wild August-Blues started rockin
015-Alice Cooper-House Of Fire
016-Alien-Desperate Dreams
017-Blackrain-No forever
018-Def Leppard-Let it go
019-Driver-Feel The Fire
021-Gary Moore-Friday on My Mind
022-Guns N'Roses-Don't Damn Me
023-Jettblack-Raining Rock
024-JR Blackmore Group-Guardian Angel
025-Metal Scent-Riders Of The Night
026-Nelson-It's just desire
027-Nitro-Heavens just a heartbeat away
028-Noisehunter-Back To Rock
029-Poison-Talk Dirty To Me
031-Shoutgun Messiah-Im your love
032-Skid Row-Forever
033-Steel Dragon-Long Live Rock N'Roll
034-Tuff-Forever yours
035-Twisted Sister-We re not gonna take it
036-Warrant-Love In Stereo
038-Gotthard-I Can
039-Gun-Bad Things
040-Blackrain-Rock your city
041-Brassen Kitten-Can't hold back the young
042-Danger Danger-Live It Up
043-Desperado-There's No Angels Here
044-Fair Warning-One step
045-Great White-Down on your knees
046-Jettblack-Something About This Girl
047-Lee Aaron-Gotta Thing For You
048-Motley Crue-Wild Side
049-Noisehunter-I'm On Fire
050-Ratt-Lack Of Communication
051-Skid Row-Holidays in the sun
052-Steel Dragon-Reckless
053-Stryper-To hell with the devil
054-Swedish Erotica-Rock'n' roll city
055-Tuff-Good guys wear black
056-Whitesnake-Is This Love
057-Wig Wam-Wall Street
058-Wild August-Here she comes
059-Damn Yakees-High Enough
060-Driver-Hollywood Shooting Star
061-Europe-The Final Countdown (album vers)
062-Gary Moore-Out in the Fields
063-Guns N'Roses-Get In The Ring
066-JR Blackmore Group-Wild And Free
067-Nelson-More than ever
068-Nitro-Shot heard round the world
069-Noisehunter-Metal Lover
070-Quiet Riot-Mama Weer All Crazee Now
071-Scorpions-Rhythm Of Love
072-Skid Row-I remember you
073-Steel Dragon-We All Die Young
074-Twisted Sister-Never say never
076-WASP-Wild Child
077-Winger-Headed For A Heartbreak
078-Zan Clan-Deja vu
079-Alien-In The Dead Of Night
080-Blackrain-Rock'n'roll is dead long live rock'n'roll
081-Danger Danger-Rock America
082-Deep Purple-The Unwritten Law
083-Fair Warning-Out on the run
084-Fire With Fire-In The Night
085-Gary Moore-Take a Little Time
086-Guns N'Roses-Right Next Door To Hell
088-LA Guns-Hollywood Forever
089-Noisehunter-Straight Shooter
090-Poison-Unskinny Bop
091-Ratt-Body Talk
092-Scorpions-Rock You Like A Hurricane
093-Skid Row-Piece of me
094-Steel Dragon-Stand Up
095-Swedish Erotica-We're wild young and free
096-Tuff-Round em up
097-Warrant-Sure Feels Good To Me
098-White Lion-Wait
099-Whitesnake-Still Of The Night
100-Wild August-How many times
101-Gotthard-Right On
102-Gun-Innocent Thieves
103-Blackrain-Rockstars don't go to jail
104-Driver-Return To The Sky
106-Lee Aaron-Rock The Hard Way
107-Steel Dragon-Wasted Generation
108-Tuff-What comes around goes around
109-Warrant-Youre The Only Hell Youre Mama Ever Raised [/spoiler]

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