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MP3 Free Downloader Portable

MP3 Free Downloader Portable
MP3 Free Downloader Portable

Программа имеет интуитивно понятный интерфейс и адаптирована для легкой работы в Интернете. Функции программы обеспечивают максимальное удобство при использовании.
В программе существует большое количество всевозможных настроек и возможностей.

Key Features

* Tons of MP3s
The hugest selection of publicly available tracks; a fantastic new world for music exploration. From old favorites to the latest releases, you name it!
* Easy, Fast and Legal
One Click brings you the whole mp3 for download. Simple and intuitive interface ensures you to easily get the best music at blazing-fast speed.
* 100% Clean
Non-peer-to-peer sharing, no any forms of malware risk, safe to install and run.
* Top 100 Hits
Provides access to the week's USA Airplay Hot 100. Catalog mp3 source by a wide range of genres, from electronic to religious, mainstream to indie, hip-hop to classical, etc.
* Works with all portable devices
The download files can be played by universal mp3 players, including iPod, iPhone, cell phone, PSP, etc. So, enjoy music on the road, at home, for parties...

ОС: WinXP, WinVista, Win7
Локализация: английский
Создан: 2011
Разработчик: genius-lab.org
Лекарство: FREE
Размер: 10.34 Mb




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