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SmartsysSoft Business Publisher 3.00

SmartsysSoft Business Publisher 3.00

SmartsysSoft Business Publisher - мощная программа для создания с профессиональным качеством этикеток, адресов, бланков писем, открыток, конвертов и т.п. Программа позволяет сразу их распечатать. Business Publisher имеет много шаблонов, поддерживает все стандартные размеры бумаги.

SmartsysSoft Business Publisher is a comprehensive software utility created to help users design creative flyers, brochures, newsletters, or advertisements using multiple tools.

The app supports logos, photos, texts, symbols, shapes, drop shadows, lines and curves. Each one is worked as a layer to be edited visually and all of them are composed to final publictions.

SmartsysSoft Business Publisher provides hundreds of predesigned templates, background image, logos, shapes, symbols and gradient style. By which you can crate professional looking publications with only simple clicks even you have no design experience.

SmartsysSoft Business Publisher is also professional quality printing software. It supports to export your publications to image files with high quality which are used to be printed for print shop. Also it enable to print spectacular business publications on your own printer.

Here are some key features of "SmartsysSoft Business Publisher":

• Provide more than hundreds of attractive business publication templates. By which, you can only customize with your own texts and symbols to crate stunning publications.
• Provide more than hundreds of background image, logoes, shapes, symbols,gradient styles. Which make your art work is so easy and quick.
• Supports to export publications to image files with high quality for print shop and print them from your own printer directly.
• Works like a great image editor program that supports strongly layer-editing.
• Vector objects such as shapes,symbols, texts, lines, curves can be filled with solid color, image, pattern and gradient colors high smoothly.
• Outlines of vector objects such as shapes, symbols,texts,lines,curves can be stroken with solid color, image, pattern and gradient colors high smoothly.
• Outlines of vector objects shch can be stroken with dash style.
• To create,move,resize or rotate layers/Objects only with dragging or clicking mouse button. Which is so easy and visual.
• Supports alpha blend completely. Each layer object is allowed to contain an alpha channel. An vector object can filled or stroke with different transparency value.
• Gives you the option to add shadows with customized settings to the shapes, symbols and texts on your business publications.
• Customize the width and height of your business publication to suit your requirements or pick a standard publication size from the default size options available.

Коротко о программе:
Создан: 2013
Версия: 3.00
Платформа: Windows® XP/2003/vista/Win7/Win8
Язык: English
Таблетка: Crack
Размер: 16.62 Mb

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