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Everimaging Beautune portable by antan

Everimaging Beautune portable by antan
Everimaging Beautune portable by antan

Beautune – это программа, разработанная для обработки цифровых изображений. При помощи приложения пользователи могут легко добавить графическим файлам необходимые качества и свойства. Кроме того, в приложении имеются дополнительные инструменты для редактирования изображений.

You can't always look your best in every photo... When you need a touch-up, you don't need to pay a makeup artist or learn Photoshop. Do it yourself, quickly and easily, with Beautune and our complete makeover kit. Our app has the best interface that will quickly let you share the best of you with the world! Use our complete make-up kit, along with smoothing and wrinkle removal tools to highlight everyone's best features. And the ultimate reshaper lets you gently nudge features in the right direction. All these features and more, together with a beautiful, easy-to-use interface, will have you fixing and sharing your portraits in seconds.

Everimaging Beautune portable by antan

Создан/Date: 2015
Платформа/Requires: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/8
Язык/Language: Eng
Размер/Size: 37 MB
Сборка/Adjustment: ThinApp

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