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New Blue TotalFX 3.0.151014 (x64)

New Blue TotalFX 3.0.151014 (x64)
New Blue TotalFX 3.0.151014 (x64)

Total FX Ч мощный пакет подключаемых модулей (плагинов) к вашему видео-редактору, включающий в себ€ безграничный набор инструментов дл€ работы с видео Ч от работы с титрами и цветокоррекции до сотни различных фильтров и пресетов динамических переходов. ѕакет включает более чем 200 плагинов и более 2000 пресетов, с практически безграничными творческими возможност€ми дл€ обработки отсн€того материала.

—одержимое пакета:
Х 3D Blow Apart Ч Break, burst and shred between scenes with this action-packed plugin.
Х 3D Bouncing Frames Ч Animate your scene transitions by adding bouncing frames within a picture.
Х 3D Checker Board Ч Shuffle, collapse and stack one scene away, then introduce the next.
Х 3D Fly Away Ч Minimize a scene into a shrinking box that floats and spins into the next.
Х 3D Grid Explosion Ч Smash, splinter and shatter an image to reveal the next scene underneath.
Х 3D Intensity Grid Ч Expand 3D objects across the screen, then crumble to reveal the next clip.
Х 3D Louvers Ч Blend, flip and bounce between clips for transitions with dimensional range.
Х 3D Sliced Cubes Ч Layer cutouts of the next clip over the previous one.
Х Active Camera Ч Simulate camera movements to imitate a jittery hand-held camera.
Х Air Brush Ч Airbrush your scene by smoothing colors while maintaining sharp edges.
Х Alpha Processor Ч Manipulate alpha channel assets and create countless looks.
Х Aspect Ratio Ч Remove unnecessary video borders to create new aspect ratios.
Х Auto Contrast Ч Boost colors in your image, creating a more vibrant and colorful picture.
Х Auto Pan Ч Zoom in and out on stills or video to highlight a moment or object.
Х Background Generator Ч Create a soft, magnified backdrop of your original image.
Х Bleach Bypass Ч Transform your digital video into an antique film.
Х Cartoonr Plus Ч Transform your video into an animated illustration. (Effect)
Х Cartoonr Plus Ч Transform your scene transitions into animated illustrations. (Transition)
Х Charcoal Ч Transform a video into a drawing with the rough details of a charcoal sketch.
Х Chroma Key Pro Ч Remove solid colors easily and convert them to alphas or create outlines and shadows.
Х Color Fixer Pro Ч Fix color balance, saturation and brightness to produce the perfect image.
Х Color Replace Ч Change the color of different objects without harshing the raw details.
Х Color Wash Ч Wash away colors from one scene to blend and shift to the next.
Х Colored Pencil Ч Simulate a drawing at the end of one scene that morphs into the next.
Х ColorFast Ч Create perfect videos with the ultimate color correction and color grading tool.
Х Colorize Ч Experiment with the colors of your image and dramatize your picture.
Х Crop Borders Ч Remove unnecessary video borders to create new aspect ratios.
Х Cut Away Ч Use various shapes and outlines to magnify a selected region.
Х Day for Night Ч Make your daytime footage look like it was filmed at night.
Х Detail by Chroma Ч Focus on a color region, then sharpen the detail and boost the contrast.
Х Detail By Luma Ч Separate your image into High and Low regions to sharpen, recolor and edit.
Х Detail Enhancer Ч Sharpen image details by strengthening and darkening lines and edges.
Х Diffusion Ч Add a soft glow to your footage to change the color and focus of your image.
Х Dream Glow Ч Create effortless light by amplifying lighter regions with a soft glow.
Х Drop Shadow Ч Create a shadow for overlays on any keying effect or animated matte.
Х Duochrome Ч Create retro and metallic-looking images with 2 chrome-like colors. (Effect)
Х Duochrome Ч Create colorfully retro and metallic images with 2 chrome-like colors. (Transition)
Х Earthquake Ч Simulate the motion of an earthquake by blurring, jolting and rattling your image.
Х Edge Smoother Ч Soften edges of text and graphics to produce polished titles and pictures.
Х Film Color Ч Modify color and adjust lighting to recreate the classic look of film.
Х Fish Eye Ч Distort images to simulate the look of an ultra-wide fishbowl lens.
Х Flash Remover Pro Ч Capture live events without worrying about distracting camera flashes.
Х Flicker Ч Create natural lighting, such as firelight or reflecting water.
Х Flying Picture-in-Picture Ч Create a picture-in-picture that adds emphasis to scenes without keyframing.
Х Frame Rate Ч Convert live footage into a dynamic sequence of photos.
Х Gamma Corrector Ч Sharpen details and boost your imageТs color, saturation and warmth.
Х Garbage Matte Ч Limit the area on your image where other effects in the chain can display.
Х Glow Pro Ч Create a warm glow using the highlights in your original image. (Effect)
Х Glow Pro Ч Create soft sources of light, then harshen them to morph into the next scene. (Transition)
Х Gradient Fill Pro Ч Manipulate, boost, or completely alter the color of both your image and text.
Х Gradient Tint Ч Intensify the colors of your picture with a variety of filters.
Х Halovision Plus Ч Re-create the look of bokeh lighting with a halo of light around objects in your image.
Х Halovision Plus Ч Use halo-like auras around objects from one clip to blend your scenes together.
Х Hand Drawn Ч Create dark lines layered over vibrant colors, transforming your video into a hand-drawn sketch.
Х Image Mapper Ч Simulate screens and overlay video on top of objects.
Х Impressionist Ч Create a colorful abstract painting out of your video.
Х Legal Level Ч Use this frame-by-frame warning for out of spec areas within your video.
Х Lens Correction Ч Correct lens distortion to improve quality, or add it for a fisheye view.
Х Letterbox Ч Frame your video appropriately with these preset borders.
Х Light Ring Ч Swallow a scene with a circle of light and burst into the next.
Х Liquify Ч Morph one image to reveal the next for a fluid transition.
Х Luma Key Ч Manipulate lighting to blend an overlaying clip into a backdrop.
Х Metallic Ч Create colorfully retro and metallic-looking images with two chrome-like colors. (Effect)
Х Metallic Ч Replace colors with glitzy golds, icy silvers, rustic coppers and more. (Transition)
Х Mosaic Ч Transform your video into a mosaic by creating sequences of tiles.
Х Mural Ч Manipulate color patterns and focus to turn your picture into a solid shaded painting.
Х Neon Lights Ч Create colorful pockets of light by enhancing the edges of your video frame.
Х Neon Lights Ч Merge scenes by outlining objects in your video with bands of neon light.
Х Noise Reduction Ч Remove harsh noise in the image, especially in old, analog video.
Х Oil Ч Transform your video into an oil painting using virtual paintbrushes and adjustable colors. (Effect)
Х Oil Ч Give scene transitions the vivid color and fluid texture of an oil painting. (Transition)
Х Old TV Ч Manipulate your footage to recreate the look of classic tube televisions.
Х Outline Ч Create multicolored glows around text, objects, or people.
Х Paper Collage Ч Remake your video into layers of colored strata.
Х Paper Collage Ч Blends between two clips as it builds the video image from layers of colored paper.
Х Pencil Rubbing Ч Virtually sketch over the objects in your video.
Х Pencil Rubbing Ч Draw a sketch over your video template with virtual smudges, lines and ink.
Х Photon Blast Ч Smeared rays cast through images to wash away one scene and fade into the next.
Х Picture Grid Ч Create a variety of different frames within your picture.
Х Picture-in-Picture Ч Add 3D geometry, borders, shadows and reflections to selective clips within your video.
Х Picture-in-Shape Ч Layer one scene over another within a flexible four-point mask.
Х Pixelator Ч Obscure faces, license plates, logos and more using colored blocks.
Х Plasma Glow Ч Transition from one scene to the next with a dynamic shimmering blast of light.
Х Progressive Stretch Ч Format your video into widescreen without sacrificing image quality or black sidebars.
Х Proportion Helper Ч Use these preset templates as a guide to creating professional compositions.
Х Quick Pixelator Ч Blur certain objects or people within your video without tedious keyframing.
Х Reflection Ч Create and control a mirrored reflection of your image.
Х Region Scope Ч Zoom in or select a specific region to inspect all forms of information.
Х RGB Shift Ч Separate the red, green, and blue elements within an image to create an edgy look.
Х RGB Shift Ч Separate red, green and blue objects, then shake them into the next image.
Х Roll Ч Create the look of camera film rolling over a projector.
Х Rolling Waves Ч Simulate the effect of water washing over your video by warping your scene into waves.
Х Saturation EQ Ч Separate the color spectrum to choose colors you want to enhance.
Х Saturation Modifier Ч Separate your image into saturated regions to correct each area.
Х Scanner Ч Shift in and out of scenes with a fluorescent beam of light.
Х Selective Color Ч Focus on one color in an image, then make everything else black and white.
Х Selective Focus Ч Blur the surroundings of a region, object, or person to highlight it directly.
Х Selective Tint Ч Define certain regions, then adjust and change their tint.
Х Selective Touch Up Ч Smooth or blur specific regions to remove subtle imperfections.
Х Shake Ч Jolt, rattle and pulse from clip to clip for dramatic progression.
Х Sharpen Ч Refine your video's image and enhance its definition.
Х Shear Ч Smear your scene in diagonal directions.
Х Shear Energy Ч Create a shear, blended motion effect by blurring the image on two axes.
Х Shiny Fog Ч Blur a scene into a chrome-like fog that vanishes to reveal the next.
Х Shredder Ч Create artistic scene transitions by cutting your image into patterns.
Х Sketch Ч Draw lines and edges artfully to blend scenes together.
Х Skin Touch Up Ч Soften wrinkles and remove blemishes without retouching an entire image.
Х Smear Ч Scrub an image into a blurred picture that sharpens into the next scene.
Х Soft Focus Ч Blur regions of video to smooth harsh lighting, lines, or blemishes.
Х Split Screen Ч Display two shots at once with a variety of preset options.
Х Spotlight Ч Overlay a specific region onto a preset backdrop to spotlight it.
Х Stabilizer Ч Eliminate shaky footage using a powerful analyzer to get a smooth, jitter-free video.
Х Tile Ч Replicate your video into a grid-like wall.
Х Tilt Shift Ч Create depth of field in your video to spotlight a particular region.
Х Time Clock Ч Choose from a variety of presets to overlay a running timer on your screen.
Х Tint Ч Adjust the color balance and completely transform your video.
Х Titler Pro 3 Ч Design titles, lower thirds and rolling credits in your preferred NLE.
Х Traveling Rays Ч Move from one scene to the next with bright beams of shining light.
Х Twirl Ч Twist and swirl images into a blur that unravels to reveal the next scene.
Х Video Tuneup Plus Ч Use versatile color and luminance controls to refine contrast, hue and saturation.
Х Viewfinder Ч Simulate the on-screen display of a video camera recording.
Х Vignette Ч Use these preset vignettes to creatively frame your video.
Х Warp Ч Distort the objects and colors with blurred lines and simulated camera movements.
Х Water Color Ч Soften colors and blur edges of objects to give a smooth, fluid look. (Effect)
Х Water Color Ч Soften colors and blur edges of objects in your video to morph two scenes. (Transition)
Х Wave Ч Create fun and effortless scene transitions that melt, ripple and warp.
Х Wiggle Ч Warp and distort your image with a fun-house mirror style.
Х Zoom Ч Blur and pan rays dramatically across the scene to move between cuts.
Х Zoom Blur Ч Dramatically pull into video, creating the effect that youТre flying into the screen.

Titler Pro Ч пакет плагинов дл€ попул€рных редакторов видео, с помощью которых вы сможете быстро и эффективно создать великолепные профессиональные анимации текста. Ёто новое решение дл€ создани€ 2D- и 3D-титлов, разработанное дл€ профессиональных видео-редакторов, которое сочетает новаторскую эффективность оригинального Titler Pro и добавл€ет потр€сающую визуальную привлекательность и изысканность. Ќет больше необходимости создавать графические названи€ в других программах Ч Titler Pro 2 даст вам быстрый доступ к сложным анимаци€м и профессиональным стил€м напр€мую в вашем видео-редакторе, улучша€ и упроща€ рабочий процесс.

eFX Essential Tools Ч это великолепный пакет полноценных видео плагинов, €вл€ющийс€ необходимыми инструментами дл€ каждого видео-редактора и позвол€ющий с легкостью создавать динамические визуальные истории. ¬месте с NewBlue eFX вы можете создавать виньетки, корректировать цвета, раздел€ть экран, сглаживать кожу, избирательно фокусировать объекты, делать эффект старого TV и многого другого. — более чем 500 пресетов в 60 плагинах, этот пакет включает в себ€: Video Essentials I, II, III, IV, V, VI и Video Essentials VII.

cFX Creative Effects Ч пакет плагинов дл€ попул€рных видео-редакторов, включающий в себ€ п€ть творческих коллекций, которые помогут вам раскрыть свой творческий потенциал. »спользуйте сотни встроенных пресетов и более 40 плагинов, помогающих превратить обычные кадры в визуально стимулирующее произведение видео-арта. ¬ы сможете воссоздать насто€щий вид пленки, манипулировать лучами света, применить кисти виртуального художника и многого другого.

tFX Transition Effects Ч ѕакет из 68 специализированных плагинов дл€ создани€ в вашем видео-редакторе сногсшибательных, настраиваемых переходов от одной сцены к другой. ƒобавьте энергию в ваши сцены, мен€€ их формы в моменты переходов! ѕримените любой из 800 пресетов с безграничными настраиваемыми параметрами и легко и эффектно проведите зрителей от одной сцены к другой. NewBlue tFX Transition Series включает в себ€: 3D Explosions, 3D Transformations, Art Blends, Light Blends, Motion Blends и Paint Blends.

ColorFast Ч представл€ет собой интегрированный модуль, который упрощает цветокоррекцию и градацию цвета, объединив их в один обычный рабочий процесс. — Spectra Color Isolating Technology, вы получаете точный контроль над изменением цвета. “очна€ работа в отдельных регионах или создание нужного эффекта во всЄм видеоизображении. ¬ы получите художественный результат в самые сжатые сроки.

—овместимость с видео-редакторами:
Х Adobe After Effects 5.0+ и выше
Х Adobe Premiere CS6/6.5, CC
Х Apple Final Cut Pro X
Х Avid Media Composer & Symphony 6+
Х Black Magic DaVinci Resolve 11+
Х Grass Valley EDIUS 7
Х Sony Vegas Pro 10+ (64-bit OpenX)
Х Titler Standalone Host

¬ерси€ программы: 3.0.151014
—оздан: 2016
ќф. сайт: newbluefx.com
Ћокализаци€: ENG
Ћечение: Patch
ѕлатформа: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 (x64)
–азмер: 352,55 MB

New Blue TotalFX 3.0.151014 (x64) New Blue TotalFX 3.0.151014 (x64) New Blue TotalFX 3.0.151014 (x64)

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